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  1. karyn says

    Don’t these look great?? Another good blog name is Broward Smiles because I get so happy when I get Tiffanys thoughtful emails.


    Sorry, but…This was a disaster from start to finish. While they may be tasty they are a nightmare to make…very fussy.

    First of all, one store bought pie crust fills 20 not 24 Mini cups. Which of course means that the amount of the other ingredients is way too much. I had enough egg mixture to fill three crustless ramekins in addition to the 4 crustless cups in the mini muffin pan. In addition it’s almost impossible to fill the tiny space left in the mini crusts without making a real mess.

    I wish I had simply made one big quiche in my quiche pan.

  3. Piper says

    5 stars
    Yum!!!! If u stretch ur dough out just a ‘lil it will make exactly 12 muffins. I added xtra spinach and 2 tbsp salsa. Also, used a chile cheddar guyrere and shredded it!!! 💙

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